A New Year Letter

Dear Readers,

Wish you a very happy, fantastic, happening New Year! Hope you had a good Christmas and really fun New Year party to start off the year. I curled up with a book and welcomed 2013 reading Peter Barry’s seminal book on the birth and evolution of literary theory. It was such fun. I also wrote an exam trying to qualify myself further. I will tell all about it later. I haven’t been regular with blogging because of various reasons. All of which I will spare you. I cannot say things will be any different in 2013 but I try. I cannot believe it is 2013. It sounds way more futuristic than 2012 or its previous years. Talking about previous years, this blog’s birthday was in December. I started the blog in 2004, so that makes it 8 years of blogging with gaps. It’s been an adventurous journey so far.

So what have you been doing/clicking/reading/writing? I’d love to know.

With love,


PS: The reason I have taken to the epistolary style is because I have been reading an epistolary novel. More about that in the next post.



4 thoughts on “A New Year Letter

  1. A Very Happy New Year to you. Curling up with a book seems like a good way to welcome the new year. Better that working 24X7 (shifting between being a corporate slave and a domestic slave) and being bone tired at the end of the day. Will 2013 be any better?

    1. Thanks Rita! Oh boy! You are having a tough time. It will be much better! My motto for this year is “Carpe Annum!’ I am going to seize the year (and its opportunities).

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