Happy WordPress birthday!

Please note: I said ‘happy WordPress birthday’ not ‘happy birthday WordPress’.

WordPress tells me that today is my blog’s birthday! I am a bit surprised, I must admit. I did not start blogging in the humid heat I am sure. It was in December 2004 if I remember it right. But what will WordPress know of my pre-WordPress blogging life? I was on Blogger before this for a long-ish time. And then shifted houses 6 years back to WordPress. So it is a happy WordPress birthday today! And in December of this year, the blog birthday will come up. There will be more activity this year, I am sure. Lots of things are happening behind the scenes. Hush, you did not hear it from me!

Reading update: I am reading Introducing Marxism and Introducing Modernism. While I have read the theories in the past now I am reading them in the graphic format. What a fantastic idea! I am having a blast. Thanks M for introducing me to the series.


4 thoughts on “Happy WordPress birthday!

  1. Noted as requested. Happy Birthday to you(r blog)! It’s cute, the way WordPress “remembers” these important dates and markers, no? Ten lovely years, eh? Good show! 🙂

    1. Hey Atul: my blog and I thank you! Yes, it is scary that WordPress remembers and I don’t! Thank you! You have probably been there from the beginning. 🙂

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