Postcrossing Part Deux

Sometime in 2005 I signed up for the Postcrossing project but didn’t continue it once I had moved to Bangalore in 2006. There was no question of continuing it as I was without a fixed address: I lived in about 7 different places in less than a year and mostly out of my suitcase. I got back to Chennai but for some reason or the other didn’t pick up the Postcrossing thread. About a month ago, nearly eight years later, I had the urge to get back to postcards. So I revived my Postcrossing account, found ingenious ways to get my hands on ever diminishing supply of picture postcards (read amazon and neighbourhood bookshops; I also bid for and won a bunch of postcards on ebay), visited the post office, which looks way swankier than what I remembered it to be, and posted about 7 postcards, which is the maximum number I am allowed right now. My Postcrossing phase 1 postcards are tucked away somewhere that I don’t remember right now. Today I got my first Postcrossing phase 2 postcard! That too all the way from the Czech Republic. I am so stoked. Ah Prague! Ah Václav Havel! Ah Milan Kundera! This is such a high! I have built up quite a supply of cards right now and can’t wait to send them off to their destinations. Postcards are like the next best thing to actually travelling to different places. I will definitely visit these countries. For now there is Postcrossing.

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