Blog birthday and happy new year

I can’t believe it that I have been blogging for 10 years! I have been on WordPress for 6 years and before that 4 on Blogger. I started on 10 December 2004. That is a really long time. I did have blog fatigue in the middle so it’s not entirely ten years. Anyway, (belated?) happy birthday to my blog! I have not been regular as many others I know but it’s been a journey of discovery. In books and plays, the character that has grown the most by the end of the book/play is the one who has changed the most and therefore, more interesting when compared to characters that started out one way and stayed that way throughout. So by that measure, I think my writing has grown. That accounts for something. Which just means that I cringe to read some of the older posts. Two sides of the same coin. I wanted to post this before the year runs out. Since we on the last day of the year, wish you a very happy new year 2015 to you!


6 thoughts on “Blog birthday and happy new year

    1. Heyy Rita! My blog says ‘thank you’! And hope this year exceeds your expectations in the best way possible!

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