My Own Private Book Fest – 2

Somewhat like Peter Jackson and his three Hobbit films, I have decided to split up my book fest post into two posts. This is the second and final post.

It’s been an unusually good harvest of books both from the Chennai Book Fair and the Landmark Spencer Plaza sale. If I thought the 10% discount (at the Chennai Book Fair) made me reckless enough to buy a tonne of books, you should have seen me struggling with the basket facing the 90% off board at each table at Landmark! According to their staff, Landmark Spencer Plaza is closing for ‘renovation’ and they don’t know when it will open again. And I am a little to blame.

Before these almost back to back visits to CBF and Landmark and a bit earlier on the amusing Sahitya Akademi bookshop – all within the last one month – I hadn’t visited a bookshop in a while. I have sworn off Flopkart (you read that right) so I have been almost Amazon-dependent. Books come home within a day of ordering them. I have succumbed to the ease of online shopping. So it makes me a bit guilty to see the Nungampakkam Landmark fold last year and now the Spencer Plaza close for ‘renovation.’ My editor P, a former bookseller, and I were talking about this. While our conversations always start with work, they always end with books. He was lamenting the closure of bookshops in the UK. It seems the situation is the same worldwide.

Out of the ashes of closing bookshops, arises my own collection of books. I have taken to piling them up on my work desk now that the bookshelves are groaning under the increasing weight. I haven’t confronted the lack of space problem yet. And it definitely does not stop me from buying books.

At the 90% off Landmark sale, I threw caution to the winds and picked up 17 books! To be fair to me, three books were not for me but for my folks. The rest of the 14 were all mine. To underscore how restrained my list was I’d like to point out that a friend of mine walked away with 98 books from the same sale. Yes it was that kind of a sale. Here’s a picture of my catch. It might keep me occupied for the next year or so.

Books from the Landmark Spencer Plaza sale
Books from the Landmark Spencer Plaza sale

10 thoughts on “My Own Private Book Fest – 2

  1. Grats for finding interesting things, and for restraining yourself. Sadly, I can’t comment on books because the titles/writers are unknown to me. Have fun reading. 🙂

    1. Hello Kama! Welcome to my blog! Thank you so much! That’s okay. I wouldn’t know the books you are reading. You have a very interesting blog! I am hitting the ‘Follow’ button right now!

      1. Thank you. 🙂
        Would you mind to add a short description why you selected those books?
        You could possibly know some books I read. I read Samit Basu’s Devi, Turbulence, Resistance is on my list. I read Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup, and I plan to read Kishwar Desai’s Origins of Love. That’s all the modern literature from India that got in front of my nose. 😛
        Btw, once in an online game I made a character and named him LordKiran. I got questions from other players if I’m Indian. And I just made it as a “male version of Polish female name Kira”. 😛 I didn’t know at that time there is an Indian name like that. 😉

      2. Welcome! 🙂 Yeah why not? Let me try and do that in an upcoming post. But I am warning you, these books are not fantasy or Sci-Fi. 🙂 I’ve heard of Samit Basu’s Turbulence. I’ve read one book of his – The Simoqin Prophecies, that’s book 1 of his GameWorld trilogy. Basu is doing some interesting things in modern Indian fantasy/Sci-Fi/YA.

        Hahaa! @LordKiran. Kiran means ‘a ray of light’ in Hindi, one of India’s many languages.

  2. A whole post, yay! Don’t worry, I read much more than just fantasy and sci-fi. 😀 I’m not a fan of romance and YA, tho sometimes I read them. I’m into culture/history of other countries too. I think I have some basics covered on India since I graduated from the Oriental studies faculty where we studied Asian/African cultures. 😉

    1. Haha! 🙂 I love writing about books and will use any excuse to write about them! Sometimes I wonder if it reflects a certain kind of self-absorption. (Material for another post maybe?)

      Oops! I shouldn’t have assumed. My bad. 😦 Romance is a no no for me too but I do read YA. (Just ignore my YA posts.) Wow! @ Oriental Studies.

      1. I’ll ignore the YA posts (hopefully ;)).
        No problem. 😀 For me the worst “assumption” is speaking at public (in whatever language) and thinking nobody around understand it. Like talking about a “tourist” behind their back, not even thinking that this person may well understand them… 😉 I had that in Indonesia, quite irritating and painful.

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