Getting published

So someone asked my ‘expert’ opinion on getting their poetry published. I don’t know how she came to that conclusion considering I am only three published poems old. Anyway, this is a version of what I told her. I missed out 7b.

(1) Go through the online internet poetry magazines and make a list.

(2) Find the ones that actually publish poems quite close to what you write.

(3) Check their submission guidelines. They will have dates when they accept submissions and the format in which they would prefer it. Some have ‘rolling submissions’, which means you can submit anytime.

(4) Submit poems according to the format they accept; add a covering letter, bio etc.

(5) Keep a note of when you submitted to which magazine and whether it is a ‘simultaneous submission’ (submitted same poems to many magazines).

(6) Wait. Wait. Wait.

(7a) Jump with joy when you get the acceptance email.

(7b) Slump with depression with each rejection note.

(8) Withdraw the same poem from other magazines if it has been accepted to two or more magazines.


Let me know what you think.

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