The guts have been on my mind today. By that I mean this article which talks about the connection between gut bacteria and our physical and mental well-being.

I think gut bacteria is like the new holy grail of wellness. When germ theory was hot, everything was the responsibility of germs. Next, it was the genes. All problems humankind faced was related to the presence or absence of particular genes. To some extent it still is. Then came the brain: diseases, quirks, talents explained by how X/Y/Z part of the brain controls or doesn’t control A/B/C part of the body. This is yet to be completely understood when the gut bacteria age has started.

Now, I look forward to many gut bacteria theories. Let me preempt a few.

1. The gut bacteria theory of leadership. Because of the presence of a certain strain of gut bacteria, leaders are made. Literally, from the guts.

2. The gut bacteria theory of war. The presence of another strain of gut bacteria predisposes some people or groups towards violence. So some countries are more aggressive thanks to their gut bacteria. It’s not really their fault, you know. They didn’t know what was in their guts.

3. The gut bacteria theory of ageing. Youthful good looks can be attributed to the presence of yet another strain of gut bacteria. Throw away your oils, creams and lotions now!

4. The gut bacteria theory of love. Love is literally in the guts. People who claim to feel ‘love at first sight’ are actually only playing out the compatibility of their own gut bacteria.

5. The gut bacteria theory of marriage. Long-lasting marriages are possible due to the presence of compatible gut bacteria. Its corollary, failed marriages can be a sign of fundamental incompatibility of gut bacteria. And we already know gut bacteria transplants are a reality.  So basically one can medically ensure a good long-lasting marriage. (Oh, I spy a story here. Maybe, I should write it.)

Can you imagine the other possibilities? Not just theories, but ways in which these theories will be exploited by corporations and people to make more money, poorer people even more poorer and how things will soon spiral out of control. (There’s my distopian YA novel right here.)

I know I know, there is probably a grain of truth in all of this. I have the highest respect for people in the forefront of these breakthroughs. But you have to admit, it’s fun to theorise far away from the actual weight of these responsibilities.

PS: This post is in good humour. Please take it with a truckload of salt.

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