Upma and upma*

When working with some people from Delhi I had a linguistic revelation. My Delhi born and educated colleague R’s eye would light up whenever I mentioned ‘upma’. She complimented my eloquent Hindi. I was so flattered. She asked where I learnt it since I have lived all my life down South. I replied it was first in college and then through television. The television remark seemed to startle her a bit. It turns out we were talking about different things. She thought the ‘upma’ I referred to was the Hindi word for simile. And all I was talking about was the South Indian snack made from dry roasted semolina. There was an aha moment on both sides and then we had a good laugh.


*Any resemblance to legal firms is coincidental.


2 thoughts on “Upma and upma*

    1. Rita: This actually happened re.

      Oh my god! There is another upma?! And I didn’t even know it! Thanks!

      (I suddenly feel ignorant.)

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