Notes to self

I tend to write in whatever piece of paper or notebook I find and then forget all about it.  The other day I opened a tiny notebook with a kantha-stitched cover, where I note down the bills I have to pay and then score them out once I have paid them, and found written in pencil these lines:

The short story demands to be understood while the novel demands to be embraced. In all these years of back-breaking familiarity with the novel, I have stepped out to make a shy acquaintance with the short story. Hence these enthusiastic dates with the lean, mean and demanding form of fiction.

I thought, not bad! The lines are pretty good. But what was I writing about? A book of short stories yes but which one? Obviously I was reading something inspiring and these lines were meant to start the post for this blog but for the life of me I don’t remember what that book was. I didn’t date the note so I don’t know when it was either! I got the notebook in Shantiniketan so this much I know, the note was written after 2010. I don’t have much of clue beyond this.

Note to self: I must be more organised and at least keep all incomplete notes in one place.

Does this sound familiar? Do you also write anywhere and everywhere and then forget about it?

That reminds me, I think I found an old poem that I wrote in an old bag. I must go retrieve it before someone throws it out.


6 thoughts on “Notes to self

    1. Thanks det-res for saying that I sound like ‘one of those authors who are just waiting to make it big with their next piece’! 🙂 I am very far away from that. But then all writers aren’t organised, are they?

      So, it’s just me. Hmm.

      1. Yes I am sure there are others. I have a sort of friendly and warm clutter around me. I guess that is still clutter.

  1. First of all, I love the new masthead. Beautiful! Secondly my dear absent-minded friend, I think you should start keeping a journal with dates etc. And thirdly, to answer you question, I don’t write at all. So there is no question of being where you are.

    1. Thanks a lot Rita! 😀 Aye, I should. I should. 🙂 Hmm, nah, you write in your blog but perhaps you are not as badly organised as I am. And so, basically, it’s just me then. 😛

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