Free School Street

Isn’t that a charming name? That’s the name of a street around the busy Park Street area in Calcutta. Of course as with all things, it’s been also given an Indian name: it’s now called the sonorous Mirza Ghalib Street.

Free School Street has quite a colourful history. William Makepeace Thackeray, the English novelist, who wrote the novel Vanity Fair (1848), was born here. It’s rather popular with backpackers and budget travellers. Next time, I plan to visit the second-hand bookstores and record shops on this street. There is always something to discover in Calcutta.

So I had gone there to Tung Fong with the family for lunch on the recent holiday. I hear it’s quite famous but that day it felt like it was our second choice because our original destination was 6 Ballygunge Place, the Bengali fine dining restaurant, but it was closed for renovation. The next on the list was Bar-B-Que, another institution, on Park Street. However, Bar-B-Que did not accept reservations and we didn’t want to make my aunt, who was not well, climb up the stairs and wait in line as well. So Tung Fong it was.

We were not disappointed: it was the regular Indian Chinese food supposed to be available everywhere in India but the taste, on my, was out of this world. Calcutta is THE food lover’s paradise.

Now, I started this post with no intention of writing about food. I wanted to tell you a bit about the new header image. After lunch, when we stepped out of the plush dimly lit interiors of Tung Fong, the world had been washed anew. The scene took my breath away: I had to take a pic. That’s what you can see as the header.

Here’s the Instagram version.




5 thoughts on “Free School Street

  1. Ah Free School street – my short cut from college to New Market 🙂
    Tung Fong is new restaurant. I mean, not new new but just that it was not there when I went to college. Of course that was a long time ago. Sigh! But the food is undoubtedly good. Did you breakfast at Flury’s on Park Street?
    And that pic on your header is lovely 🙂

    1. 🙂 I knew you would know the street! Oh accha! @Tung Fong. Yes yes, I did breakfast at Flurys. My cousin always takes me there for breakfast! 😀

      Thanks so much! 🙂 I think that day the light was so beautiful. The half sun-half rain light. I couldn’t help taking the pic.

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