Belated blog birthday

A very belated happy birthday to my blog! Happy Birthday!

On 10 December 2004 I had started blogging. First on Blogger and then I moved over to WordPress. That makes a grand total of 12 years in the blogosphere. However, there have been significant gaps.

I have been so wrapped up doing the things I never dreamt I’d be doing that I had missed this. Apologies to my darling blog.

A blog birthday is always a chance to look back and see what’s been done and what’s not yet done. A report card if you will. But this year I’d like to look forward and see what’s possible. Here’s to more adventures on the blog and in life!

4 thoughts on “Belated blog birthday

  1. Belated happy birthday and all that, but now that I have returned, the other ‘oldies’…OK OK, scratch that, experienced bloggers of the 2000s too need to start writing more regularly, hai na?

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