I’m Moushumi Ghosh (formerly Accidental Fame Junkie) book seeker, poetry lover, movie dissector, chronic thinker, closet photographer, armchair activist.

I am on Twitter, Pinterest and SoundCloud but not as regular as I would like to be.

If you want to contact me, drop me a line at accidentalfamejunkie[AT] gmail[DOT]com.


All postings on this blog are provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confer no rights. All entries in this blog are my opinion and don’t necessarily reflect the opinion of my employer.


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22 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Atul! Welcome and thanks so much! I was inspired by your wordpress blog to create my own.

  2. hey…

    Well, was doing a bit of “googling” on the urban Indian woman and i came across your blog on blogspot … absolutely loved it … and love the stuff written out here…



  3. Hey, I read the write Up of SUR ASUR.. One of my favourite comedies watched on DD 1

    You write good. Keep it up.



  4. funny … i looked for “bengali food blog scotland” and ended up here

    and then i see its you

    you wont know or remember me, but a long time ago, when i used to blog, with another name, at another place,

    we knew eachother a little

  5. Hey there,
    Was searching for Haruki when your blog popped up, interesting style of writing, especially the review of time travelers wife, someone gifted it to me but couldn’t go beyond the first page (assumed its gonna be bore). Possibly I’ll read it!

    Right now I’m on a Murakami trip, finished 5 and reading ‘Hardboild Wonderland and the End of the World’, pretty different from all the other Murakami, (Wind up and kafa being my favorites)

    Anyways keep writing…its such a trip!
    Just one question how can kitsch be cool?


  6. I like what you write.
    I think you write eloquently without being pretentious and you engage your readers very well.
    Keep it up, and if you like poetry, please visit my site – I write poetry and I would like to share it with other writers.

  7. Thank you for the coverage of my book Out of It. It was a really insightful review. It is so satisfying to have good readers. Made my day. Glad to hear it was Book Club Book of the Month too and that it is gathering interest in India.

    1. I nearly fell off the chair to see this comment! Thank you so much! I am over the moon. I’m so happy that you think the review insightful. 😀 Oh yes, it is definitely being read here in India.

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