Strictly for film buffs

After Bicycle Thieves, I tried to to find some intelligent analyses of cinema. This is a site that I stumbled onto. It’s called Strictly Film School. The films are listed alphabetically and there are intelligible write ups on the movies you are looking for. Very useful, if you are/want to be a future film critic or reviewer. Also useful if you want to get more than a surface-level knowledge of some of the best of world’s cinema. The icing on the cake? Ritwik Ghatak, Govind Nihalani, Buddhadeb Dasgupta, Mrinal Sen, and of course Satyajit Ray are also covered here.


6 thoughts on “Strictly for film buffs

  1. Very cool site. Thank you for unearthing. If you haven’t been there already:

    Destination Hollywood is nice, mainly because they have many video clips from movies, including some of the best bits of “Out Of Africa”, which we’re very partial to.

    Senses of Cinema is somewhat like “Strictly Film School”, at least in that it covers a number of ‘A-list’ directors somewhat comprehensively.

    Closer home, we have

    Upperstall, which has interesting reading most of the time. Although it can be frustratingly empty of exactly what you’re looking for at times.

    SouthAsianCinema, recently bookmarked, haven’t really had a chance to potter about here.

    Bollycat is an eye-opener. All about ‘inspiration’ that Bollywood derives.

    Philips Fillums has possibly the best reviews of popular Hindi movies. Funny, yet sympathetic and so on.

    And finally Sarai has an area dedicated to cinematography in India including a fundaastic and poignant interview with V.K.Murthy, Guru Dutt’s cinematographer.

    There. We’ve exhausted our filmi bookmarks.

  2. Soumyadip, Obi Wan, Eric: You are most welcome! 🙂

    Ludwig: Thanks so much! Phillip’s phillums is already a link on my right.

    AquaM: 🙂

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